Facial Friday!

Facial Friday today is a bunch of cumpilations.

Three videos with pornstars Lily Carter, Riley Reid & Stoya.

And three… others.

Facial Cumpilation


Stoya Fleshlight review

Stoya Fleshlight review!

Review time!

I’ve had the Stoya Fleshlight for a couple of months now and here’s finally the review.
I guess everyone knows about the Fleshlight, right? There’s tons of ads everywhere and if you missed it you must have lived under a rock for the past 10 years.
The Fleshlight is a portable pussy in the shape of a flashlight. There’s maybe 50 different varieties of it and many of the big pornstars has made their own mold for it. The Stoya Fleshlight is an exact mold of super pornstar Stoya’s pussy. (If you don’t know who Stoya is just google it)

I’ve always wanted to try out a Fleshlight and Eden Fantasys was kind enough to send me one for free.
You can buy it for $59.96 right now (it used to be $79.95)

Anyways, the Stoya Fleshlight is about 10″ long and has four parts: the body in hard plastic, two caps and the sleeve made in realistic skin material. The skin part is very life like. The only giveaway is that it’s rather cold. You might wanna warm it up before you begin. Maybe put it under running hot water for a while or something.

First of all, before you try to put your dick in this thing, you have to have some kind of lube. There’s no way you could force yourself in there since the material is kind of “sticky”. There’s a small tube of lube included and that is what I used for my first try. Actually, it was Miss who used it on me the first time. She lubed it up with her fingers and slid my dick in. As I said before it was kind of cold but after a minute or so it went down to normal body temperature.

A nice feature is that you can adjust the suction with the cap at the end of it. Just tighten it to get greater resistance when stroking.

We where filming the first time we used it and the video is not edited yet but we’ll post it when it’s finished (nasty, nasty movie btw. You won’t believe the ending…)

Screen from the video


...and another one

The Fleshlight is really easy to clean. Just take take the sleeve out and rinse it with warm water. It takes a while for it to dry and you don’t wanna screw the caps on before it has dried completely. But just hang it upside down somewhere for a couple of hours and it’ll be fine.

But I guess the big question for everyone who haven’t tried a Fleshlight is: does it feel like a real pussy?
Both yes and no.
It feels like a real pussy inside but there’s still something artificial about it. Maybe it’s the lube and maybe it’s the fact there’s no muscles in it but it still feels like a sex toy (which it is 🙂 ).

But as a sex toy, the Stoya Fleshlight is perfect. I must say I now get what all the fuzz is about. I’ve used the Fleshlight many times since we first got it and it’s much better than the other similar toys we own. And once you bought a Fleshlight you can buy individual sleeves and replace the one you already got. I’m thinking go buying another one just to see if there’s a different feel to it.

I give the Stoya Fleshlight 8 out of 10 points. It’s my toy of choice when Miss is not around.
If you need a masturbator toy, get a Fleshlight. It’s no coincidence it’s the most popular toy out there.

Thanks a lot Eden Fantasys for sending us this sex toy!

Stoya Fleshlight review

Stoya Fleshlight

Stoya Fleshlight

I’ve always wondered about the Fleshlight… Everybody’s talking about it and you can see the ads everywhere. Is it really that good? We asked Eden Fanatasys if they could send us a Stoya Fleshlight , and they did. It arrived today and we’re gonna give it a try to see what the fuzz is all about. Review with pics are coming up later this week.

(By the way, Eden Fantasys got a sale right now. 25% off any sex toy for men. So this is a good time to grab one of these if you where thinking of buying one.)