Sex Toy Review – Spread The Love Bar

Sex & Mischief Spread the love spreader bar, Uberkinky


The nice people at Überkinky  (thanks Vikki!) sent us a ‘Sex & Mischief Spread the Love Bar’  to review.

We’ve used it a couple of times and it’s also featured in our next photo shoot (Shoot Eleven)

By the way, Sex & Mischief is a range of toys by Sportsheets aimed at those who are new to bondage,
or into light BDSM.
You can find lots of other Sex & Mischief toys here

The Spread the Love Bar look nothing like the ordinary shiny metal & leather spreader bars you often find at sex toy stores. It’s light, comfortable and it’s an easy way to secure your partner’s arms and legs together. The bar is about 15” long and covered in black nylon and there are four cuffs attached to the bar. The cuffs are made of nylon with a really soft velvet interior. The metal bar in the middle is wide enough to give a good leg spread, and the ankle and wrist cuffs will keep your partner in a helpless state.


Review of sex toy, Uberkinky Spread the love spreader bar


The cuffs are comfortable and soft and you can loosen them up or tighten them as hard as you like. Since the cuffs are closed by velcro, they’re adjustable and either wrists or ankles will fit into any of the four cuffs.

There are many ways you could use the spreader bar if you just have some imagination, but we found it best if you put your wrists in the two middle cuffs and the ankles in the end cuffs.

Like this:


Review of fetish spreader bar sex toy from Uberkinky


But you can use it in many other ways if you want to.

With your bedpost maybe?  Two cuffs strapped to the bedpost and two cuffs to secure the wrists?

The bar is a piece of cake to put on but not as easy to get out of (but that’s the whole point right?) and it should be perfect for the beginning couple into light bondage. And it’s inexpensive too. We got it for free but we’ve been looking at spreader bars for some time and we probably would have went fore something like this anyway. It’s black, lightweight, easy to store end looks good in photos.


Sex & Mischief spreader bar, review by Coiled Up. Uberkinky


It’s one-size-fits-all and should fit most body types. You would have to be really large not to get those cuffs around your ankles/wrists.

Conclusion: If you’re tired of your standard handcuffs and looking for something more advanced and more restraining, the Spread The Love Bar is a perfect toy.

We’re really pleased with it and we’ll probably use it a lot in the future.

Thanks Überkinky for sending us this!


Sex & Mischief spreader bar, review of fetish toys from Uberkinky


By the way, take a look at if your into fetish/bondage.

They got a lot of fetish stuff. Even Penis Plugs…(?!)

And if your looking for other types of spreader bars, look no further


Uberkinky, fetish and BDSM sex toys


Toy review: LELO Gigi

 LELO GIGI G-Spot Vibrator
Is it expensive for a vibrator? Yes, it is.
Is it worth the price? Absolutely!

With its velvety surface LELO Gigi is a super-designed sex toy that is sure to become your best friend in bed.
And as the perfect g-spot vibrator every woman should own one.

It’s silent and rechargeable and that makes LELO Gigi both unobtrusive and environmentally friendly.

Who hasn’t picked out her favorite vibrator and realized that the batteries are dead when they are most in need of some love?  It doesn’t happen with Gigi. As long as you remember to recharge she’s always ready for action.

Getting Gigi was awesome. We got it from Shevibe and it came nicely packaged in a black box with its own little velvet bag to store in when not in use. It’s nice that LELO not only designed the sex toy beautifully, but also put a little extra effort into designing the packaging too. It feels as luxurious to pick up Gigi as a fine piece of jewelry.

If you are a man, don’t forget that a LELO vibrator on her birthday is a thousand times better than a piece of jewelry, and it’s sure more fun to play with than jewelry 🙂

Mr. loves when I give him a private show and we did a video of one of my Gigi sessions too. Check it out here!

With five different patterns of vibration, there is something for everyone, and you can easily find your own favorites among the vibrations. You can control the patterns and the intensity of the vibrations. Mix them up and it will take you to unknown heights.

Here’s some nice product photos for you:

Lelo Gigi 1  Lelo Gigi 2  Lelo Gigi 3  

The patterns are the same as the ones in Mr Coiled Up’s LELO Billy btw.

The only con with this toy, and I mean the only, is that in the heat of moment and in combination with lube it may be a little bit slippery on the very small buttons you have to press to change the vibrations.

I give this toy two thumbs up. We love our LELO toys!

Thanks to Sandra at Shevibe for sending us this one!

Stoya Fleshlight review

Stoya Fleshlight review!

Review time!

I’ve had the Stoya Fleshlight for a couple of months now and here’s finally the review.
I guess everyone knows about the Fleshlight, right? There’s tons of ads everywhere and if you missed it you must have lived under a rock for the past 10 years.
The Fleshlight is a portable pussy in the shape of a flashlight. There’s maybe 50 different varieties of it and many of the big pornstars has made their own mold for it. The Stoya Fleshlight is an exact mold of super pornstar Stoya’s pussy. (If you don’t know who Stoya is just google it)

I’ve always wanted to try out a Fleshlight and Eden Fantasys was kind enough to send me one for free.
You can buy it for $59.96 right now (it used to be $79.95)

Anyways, the Stoya Fleshlight is about 10″ long and has four parts: the body in hard plastic, two caps and the sleeve made in realistic skin material. The skin part is very life like. The only giveaway is that it’s rather cold. You might wanna warm it up before you begin. Maybe put it under running hot water for a while or something.

First of all, before you try to put your dick in this thing, you have to have some kind of lube. There’s no way you could force yourself in there since the material is kind of “sticky”. There’s a small tube of lube included and that is what I used for my first try. Actually, it was Miss who used it on me the first time. She lubed it up with her fingers and slid my dick in. As I said before it was kind of cold but after a minute or so it went down to normal body temperature.

A nice feature is that you can adjust the suction with the cap at the end of it. Just tighten it to get greater resistance when stroking.

We where filming the first time we used it and the video is not edited yet but we’ll post it when it’s finished (nasty, nasty movie btw. You won’t believe the ending…)

Screen from the video


...and another one

The Fleshlight is really easy to clean. Just take take the sleeve out and rinse it with warm water. It takes a while for it to dry and you don’t wanna screw the caps on before it has dried completely. But just hang it upside down somewhere for a couple of hours and it’ll be fine.

But I guess the big question for everyone who haven’t tried a Fleshlight is: does it feel like a real pussy?
Both yes and no.
It feels like a real pussy inside but there’s still something artificial about it. Maybe it’s the lube and maybe it’s the fact there’s no muscles in it but it still feels like a sex toy (which it is 🙂 ).

But as a sex toy, the Stoya Fleshlight is perfect. I must say I now get what all the fuzz is about. I’ve used the Fleshlight many times since we first got it and it’s much better than the other similar toys we own. And once you bought a Fleshlight you can buy individual sleeves and replace the one you already got. I’m thinking go buying another one just to see if there’s a different feel to it.

I give the Stoya Fleshlight 8 out of 10 points. It’s my toy of choice when Miss is not around.
If you need a masturbator toy, get a Fleshlight. It’s no coincidence it’s the most popular toy out there.

Thanks a lot Eden Fantasys for sending us this sex toy!

Stoya Fleshlight review

Review: Fashionistas Bunny Tail butt plug

Fashionistas Bunny Tail butt plug

Miss Coiled Up Goes Bunny.

We’ve had very little time and lots of work recently, so when we got our package from Shevibe we didn’t know how and when we would have the time to try out all of the new things.
But then Easter holiday came and Mr. decided that he wanted to have a bunny of his own this year.

When you think of it,  how amazing wouldn’t it be if you could have a tail of your own? … but since I don’t have one naturally I was delighted when I got this artificial one last month.

The Fashionistas Bunny Tail butt plug is an absolutely stunning toy!
This tail is a must have whether you want to be an Easter bunny or a Playboy one.
The Fashionista butt plug is made of black glass and decorated with a beautiful floral print and on the end there’s a small fluffy ball made of soft white feathers.

If there’s a special beginners tail I think this must be the one. The tail is small, round and soft and is easy to wear and the plug comes in different sizes, where small is a perfect beginner’s size if you’re not used to large butt plugs.

The plug that we chose was the smaller one (they come in two sizes, small and large).
I myself do not like the really big plugs, especially when they are made of hard materials such as glass or metal, but instead I like them small but oh so delicious, (even though I occasionally enjoy having big things up my ass.)
The small Fashionista bunny butt plug was the perfect size for me, it was great in both length and thickness. Sometimes the small ones are too thin and tend to fall out, but this one didn’t.

We already own a tail butt plug since before, a pony tail version in plastic, that can double as a whip if you get in the mood for spanking. If you want to you can use the bunny tail’s feathers as a tickler for foreplay, and later when the heat is on, insert it as a butt plug.

The only con with this plug is that the tail part is difficult to clean, but then again it’s separated about one inch from the plug itself and is not as likely to get messy from the lube.

It’s beautiful, looks great in photos and comfortable to wear… I give this plug two thumbs up!


The photos above are from our Easter photo shoot

A big thank you to our friends at Shevibe. <3


Site review: Strapon Dreamer

coiled up review strapondreamer

Pegging is a sexual practice in which a woman penetrates a man’s anus with a strap-on dildo.
(From Wikipedia)

If you’ve followed us and seen our photos you probably have seen some pegging already.
There’s photos in Shoot One and Shoot Two and then we have this Lelo Billy thing 

Well, we never tried this before we got into this whole thing with posting our own photos on the internet.
The first time we ever used a strap on dildo was in Shoot One, believe it or not.

But after that first time something happened… we felt quite comfortable with it and it’s always nice to broaden your sexual horizon. It’s not a thing that we do on a regular basis but it’s really fun to do it now and then.
When we started to browse the web for other pegging photos we found a lot of shitty pictures. A lot.
But then there was Strapon Dreamer… omg…

We’re really anal with the quality when it comes to our own stuff and we would like to believe we have pretty high standards when it comes to photography and film. After all, we do this for a living (not the internet porn, our work in real life 🙂 )

What Strapon Dreamer does is nothing but amazing. The picture quality and the colors of the movies are outstanding. The editing, the post production and filming with expensive cameras  makes it look like any blockbusting Hollywood movie out there. There’s not many “big” porn producers that’s even close to their quality. And all the girls looks like models.

When you log in to Strapon Dreamer theres: Photosets, HD Movies, Interviews, Drawings, Be a Director, Strapon Profiles and Strapon Stories.

The photos are high resolution images and there’s a lot of them. About 200 per shoot. Sometimes more and sometimes less (one shoot has 582 pics). There’s currently 16 363 photos in total. They have the option to let you download the whole set in a zip file which we think is a pretty nice feature. With every set there’s a link to quickly take you to the related movie.

Strapondreamer photo

Members area ‘Photos’

Photo examples from StraponDreamer

Strapon Dreamer GagaStrapondreamer - pegging metal dildoStrapondreamer - rimjob

Strapondreamer - blowjobStrapondreamer - anal sexStrapondreamer - anal sexStrapondreamer - pegging anal sexStrapondreamer - pegging anal sex


HD Movies

The movies… this is where Strapon Dreamer really shines.
We have watched some of the movies (not all, there’s about 50 of them and they are usually around 40 minutes long) and every movie we’ve watched so far is nothing but excellent.
Yesterday we watched a movie with a girl in a glasses fucking a guy on a kitchen counter. After that we got so horny that Miss Coiled Up went to our toy box and took out the Lelo Billy. We won’t bore you with the details but we had quite a fun time after that… 😉

Strapondreamer movies

Members area ‘HD Movies’

Here’s a movie trailer for one of their movies (we haven’t seen it yet but we’ll watch it some day for sure)


The movies are filmed in HD (720p) and are both for download and online streaming. The newer movies are in mp4 format and the older ones in wmv. The quality is outstanding to say the least. We have to congratulate them for making such a dirty/taboo subject so beautiful. It’s the same thing we aim for with our photography; making it look so good you don’t mind it being explicit. (Hell, I would even watch gay sex if it were as nice looking as Strapon Dreamers videos /Mr.Coiled Up)

One really interesting thing is that the sometimes let members of the site be in the movies. Like in this movie below, where the guy getting fucked by the Lady Gaga look-a-like is actually a member of the site who asked to be in a film.


This is a rather interesting part of the site, interviews with the girls in the movies/photos where they talk about pretty much everything. Their experience with pegging, their dirtiest sex memory etc.

Cartoonish strapon drawings. Could do without that really…

Be a Director
Now this is great, members can submit their strapon dreams/scripts and they actually make some of them come true in their movies. There’s 101 scripts to this date. We’re thinking of submitting one 🙂

Strapon Profiles
One of the best parts of being a member. There’s a whole community built up around this theme. Kinda like Facebook for pegging fans. With users photo albums, chats, likes, walls, friend requests and all that other stuff. If you join please friend us, our username is Coiledup (we post our photos there as well). The crowd is pretty mixed. There’s couples (like us), girls who would like to meet guys to peg and guys who post photos of themselves with dildos up their asses who would like these girls to fuck’em. 8250 members so far and it’s growing every day.

Strapon Stories
Members submitted stories. Haven’t read them yet …


If you’re into girl on guy strapon this is the site to join. Honestly, there’s nothing else even close to this on the internet (apart form maybe 😉 )

For pegging fans StraponDreamer is a 10 out of 10

If you haven’t seen it already, we have some galleries from StraponDreamer  in the Partner photo/video menu.

Strapon Dreamer

Toy review – Club Vibe 2.OH


Club Vibe 2.OH

Club Vibe 2.OH

In case you haven’t heard of it, Club Vibe 2.OH is a wireless vibrator that you are wearing in your panties. We got it last week from Eden Fantasys and we had the chance to try it out yesterday.


What sets Club Vibe 2.OH apart from other similar products is that it reacts to sound. For example if you are out at a club it vibrates to the beat of the music being played.


It comes with a pair of black panties (with a pouch for the vibrator part) and a wireless remote that you, or your partner, can control the vibrations with. The remote runs on batteries but the vibrator part can easily be recharged with the included usb cord. Just plug it in to a computer or an iPhone charger. The remote has three buttons: on / off, vibration patterns and sound activation. At the bottom of the remote there’s a microphone that picks up sound from the surroundings.


The vibrator design is beautiful and the surface is very smooth.

Club Vibe 2.OH

Vibrator and remote control

Yesterday we decided to test it when we went out to dinner and later a club.
So… I  took a shower, put the panties on and handed over the remote control to Mr. when he came home from work.

It’s a fantastic feeling to let someone else have control of the vibrator, and to sit and eat dinner and get buzzed occasionally can cause anyone to lose their focus from eating.

There were many different vibrations patterns to try out and since the vibrations were not that strong during dinner it was the perfect foreplay. 🙂

Later we went on to a club to dance a little bit and I was really exited to try out the “music mode”. It was an incredible feeling to get in there with the music playing loud around us and my vibrator buzzing to the the music.
Dancing has never been so fun!

The best thing about Club Vibe 2.OH is that it has many uses. You can bring it when you’re out clubbing on your own, you can give the remote to your partner when you’re out (which we recommend) and it makes cleaning your home while listening to music a lot nicer.

Club Vibe 2.OH panties

The included panties

Club Vibe 2.OH

What it looks like under the panties..








The vibrations are pretty loud and if it’s completely silent in the room you could definitely hear it. But if you’re in a restaurant or in a place where there’s people you won’t hear a thing. It drowns in all the background noise.

Club Vibe 2.OH is a very nice toy that we definitely will use on more occasions.

Thanks to Eden Fantasys for sending us this sex toy!


Club Vibe 2.OH - Strap-on vibrators - EdenFantasys

The feather

Ok, we’ve had some questions about the feather in out last shoot… We got it from our friends at Shevibe and it’s and it’s a part of this package.

At first we thought it would be kind of glittery and add sparks to our shoot but it was kind of matte. But that turned out great as well as you can see in the photos. It’s a body powder that you can eat (well, not exactly eat, like a snack, but it’s not dangerous to ingest).

It’s made by Kama Sutra and here’s their description of it:

[box type=”shadow”]
Kama Sutra Honey Dust Body Powder – Kissable sensuous body powders.

Surprise every kiss with nature’s sweetest gift: natural honey. Dust these incredibly fine powders onto a lover, leaving a silky-soft glow, a delicate fragrance and an irresistible lure. Each beautifully decorated canister includes a powder-filled satin pouch and a handmade feather applicator to tickle more than the imagination. Honey Dust may also be used as a daily body powder or a fragrant addition to bed sheets.Lightly dip the feather into the Honey Dust and stroke the soft feather across your lover’s body. This delicate body powder will leave the skin feeling soft, smelling fragrant and tasting delicious![/box]

The one we got is ‘Strawberry & Champagne’ and it actually tastes good!
These kind of products usually taste quite unnatural but we must say that Kama Sutra has succeeded in making a powder that tastes really nice.

After the shoot we got to try it off cam and it what it does is to make the skin soft, makes it smell good and the best of all.. taste good!
(But miss Coiled Up always taste good, powder or not 🙂 )

It tastes almost like McDonald’s strawberry milkshake.

We’re going to use this a lot more both on and off cam.

And we snapped two more photos that Kama Sutra can use as a poster picture if they want to. 😉


A big thank you to Sandra at Shevibe!