New Friend, Proxy Paige!


Today is a great day for all fans of Coiled Up & Proxy Paige.

We’re happy and thrilled to announce that our girl Proxy is the latest addition to Friends.
If you for some reason don’t know about Proxy Paige, Google is your friend!

Give her a warm welcome and leave her a comment or two.

Here’s her Friend page!

Welcome to the family Proxy!

Support Proxy!




Hello again dear Coiled Up followers!

Proxy Paige, a dear friend of ours and a porn star extraordinaire, has moved to Europe and needs help with setting up her business in the EU.
We would like you to be so kind and do us a favor and help her out with $5, $10 (or more).

She needs to reach her target, $6.500 in 9 days, and as we speak she has raised $3.709

If you donate to her project, e-mail us a copy of the confirmation e-mail you get from Offbeatr and we’ll send you exclusive video  (send it to

Read more about Proxy’s Offbeatr-project and pledge to it here.

Thank you for your support!


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