Oops! I did something naughty yesterday…

When we came home yesterday I felt like doing something really dirty.
So I went to the bathroom, in our hotel room, and peed through my white cotton panties.
Right on the floor 😛

Here’s the video evidence 😉

Coiled Up on vacation Part Three

Hey guys!
We hope you’re enjoying your weekend.
Here’s some photos we took last night. We also did a short video of Miss playing with that dildo you can see in the photos. But we’ll upload that later!


/Coiled Up



Tomorrow we’re going on a short vacation. It’s really a work trip but we’ll have plenty of time in the hotel room for watching and making porn.

We promise that we’ll snap some photos and maybe even some videos. Who knows? Maybe I’ll make another piss video for you.

Speaking of piss, we made a really hot video the other day. It’s not edited yet but I made a gif for you:


piss is the new cum


The gif looks kinda shitty but the quality of the video is awesome!
We shot it in high definition with really nice lighting.

It’s about 4 minutes of me peeing in my white cotton panties, masturbating my wet pussy, then pissing some more.



Facial Friday 11 – Members edition

Facial Friday 11


Welcome to the members edition of Facial Friday 11, maybe the best FF so far.

Today we have hours and hours of facials lined up for our members.

There’s over 7 hours of that white sticky stuff today and we’re pretty confident that you’ll have a great time watching.

And we love getting feedback so please leave a comment or two <3


Log in (or sign up, it’s free) and let the fun begin!


Facial Friday 11, Members page One

9 HQ videos – Click the photo below to get to the video page.



Members page Two



Members page Three

Homemade videos. She doesn’t seem to enjoy facials that much 😉

She even gets one while she’s sleeping.



German Goo Girl

45 minutes of the nasties, filthiest stuff ever posted on Facial Friday.

If you only have time for one video today, this is the one to watch… 🙂



Garage facial(s)

1 girl and 6 guys in masks goes to work in a dirty garage.


Troatfuck bonanza!

28 hardcore high quality videos spread out on 5 pages.

Pretty rough stuff, but as you all might have figured out,  since it’s friday…


…it all ends well!



Throatfuck page One

Throatfuck page Two

Throatfuck page Three

Throatfuck page Four

Throatfuck page Five


Piss & Cum

Three videos involving piss & cum in three different ways.



Double Facials

What’s better than one facial?

Two facials.

And we got ten of them right here.


Tranny facials

This is something we never posted before but there has to be a first time for everything right?

Here’s Bailey Jay!

tranny facials Bailey Jay


Cumpilation One – 39 facials


Cumpilation Two – 46 facials


Cumpilation Three – 26 facials

Cumpilation Four – 1,5 hours of cum



End of Facial Friday 11

We hope you had a good time and we leave you with Sasha Rose.


If you wanna see the whole video, click the thumbnails below.

FF10 with a twist

Facial Friday

A little warning for our sensitive followers: there’s more liquids than cum involved in this video.



Piss is the new cum!











High Quality hardcore piss & cum video *members only*

Register here to see this video (becoming a member of is 100% free)


piss and cum



Sasha Rose:


HQ video from the gallery above *members only*





Hardcore video, ‘Piss my Ass off’ *members only*

Sasha Rose piss my ass offSasha Rose piss my ass off 2

Fully Clothed Pissing 2

Fully clothed pissing






Fully clothed pissing

Fully Clothed Pissing 1

Fully clothed pissing







Fully clothed pissing

Pissing in Action 3

Pissing in action



Pissing in Action 2

Pissing in action



Pissing in Action

Pissing in action


Shoot five

Shoot two