Hey guys… It’s been a long while since we have posted anything here…
So, here are some pictures we shot while having a friend at home and messing around with blacklight and paint…

Hope you’ll enjoy


New video!

Yesterday, after the photo shoot, Miss was really “in the mood” and we recorded a video for you.

It’s an high resolution extreme close up masturbation video with orgasm contractions at the end.

Happy viewing!







Shoot Ten – preview

Hey guys!

We decided to shoot some porn today and we also did a little video for you.

Here’s a preview from Shoot Ten (coming up later this week)

We’re also doing our annual Christmas Shoot this week. That’ll be a lot of fun 😉


/Coiled Up

Shoot ten - teaser


New bonus content

We added some stuff in the partner galleries today.

Among the new things are these close up masturbation videos. You gotta see them!

Close Up masturbation


Shoot Ten