Miss Coiled Up’s assturbation video!

We promised you we would do something for Assturbation Week.

We did both a video and a new photo shoot (the photos are coming up later today)

As you all might know by now Miss loves to assturbate and she usually comes in a minute when doing this kind of stuff, but somehow we managed to shoot 9 whole minutes of video before she came. Notice when she orgasms at the end how her contractions makes her asshole grip around the dildo. It’s the greatest feeling ever to have your cock in there when that happens. I know 😉

We hope you like our contribution to this weeks theme and please leave a comment if you like it!


All the love!

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anal masturbation




Assturbation Sunday

Members video (high quality 940×540):

assturbating teens



assturbating teens

Sasha Rose does it.

It’s almost the end of Assturbation Week. Just one day left until we post Miss Coiled Up’s video.

But until then, here’s three nasty videos with Sasha Rose.

sasha rose anal 1920

sasha rose anal 008

sasha rose anal 005

Assturbation Saturday

Members video (high quality 940×540):

Teen assturbation



Teen assturbation

Anal masturbation in latex

Latex and anal masturbation. Miss Coiled Up’s two favorite things!
Click here for the video.




Anal August shoot

Shoot Fourteen

Shoot Thirteen

Shoot Eight – Assturbation

Easter shoot

Purple dildo

Shoot six

LELO Billy

This is the first part on our first time trying the LELO Billy.
Unfortunatly the batteries died before the cumshot. 🙁

Part two, with the cumshot, is here and is for registered users only.
Registering is free btw so there’s really no reason not to sign up.

Shoot five