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      If the object of a community network is to bolt with other people, you extremity a communal network that has copiousness of members. And Facebook decidedly has lavishness of members, in defiance of all the adversarial publicity it has received lately all round its solitude problems. inclination all 500 million Facebook users move house to Google Me? I scruple it — and those 500 million members are what makes Facebook so attractive.

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      “Your excellent question allows me to walk you through an order of salvation events consistent with both documents, namely: (1) the Holy Spirit convicting of sin or “drawing through the Gospel,” (2) the sinner responding in repentance and faith, and (3) the resulting change of heart by God’s grace turning a believer into a new creature in Christ.”How come you put the change of heart as a result of the sinner’s repentance and faith? How does one repent with faith if the heart is still needing to be changed?


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