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  1. sri
    sri says:

    this new set – and specially the video – are awesome !

    the pink toy you’re using in the video seems pretty… exciting, we’ld love to have one home ! What is his name ?

  2. Kinny
    Kinny says:

    de plume:As long as your toes look good, it doesn’t matter what you wear.That is why I have to do my nails seerval days ahead of time. I can’t paint inside the lines. So I have to let the polish harden on my nails so I can get it off my skin! I had trouble deciding on a color. I really liked the one I was wearing Mango-get-em by L’Oreal a bright pinky orange. I went darker, more serious for the weekend to Orly’s Rockin Rockette which is kind of like a glittery root beer color.


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