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  1. Fisher23
    Fisher23 says:

    Hello I hope that I might have you re-post a cumshot video of me that, unfortunately you removed at the request of my spouse about a year ago. I posted it under the name Fisher23,around one year ago. Actually I submitted several but the one I am particularly looking for is a cumshot viewed from a third-person perspective taken within 1 foot of the camera (I-phone). Any help would be appreciated!!!!

    • Fisher23
      Fisher23 says:

      Also would you please remove the name from this post, and from the one just submitted, Fisher 23? just leave the post as being authored by “anonymous”.

      I ask in all sincerity and urgency!

  2. nigur
    nigur says:

    Man boobs (or boy boobs) are properly known as a condition called gynecomastia.
    So how does this very promising breast enlargement method works.
    Are they telling me I can eat all the ice cream I want and not
    go up a dress size.


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