Part two from the LELO Billy session.

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  1. artofdjango
    artofdjango says:

    Nice video. I bought myself a Billy recently, partially because I wanted to give myself a present (and Billy looked like something great), partially because I had a few great experiences with anal pleasure. But actually not that much experience.

    Even though it looks and feels like something great and special, I still need to learn how to use it. So I’m quite glad this video is educational. And super hot 🙂 Nice work.

  2. Tbird722
    Tbird722 says:

    I actually found it incredibly arousing seeing a guy receiving anal and without any female nudity….a first for me. Incredibly erotic and as always made with the viewer in mind…thank you.

  3. Michaelcos
    Michaelcos says:

    I had a dream about it… I discussed it with my wife and she wants to give it a shot cause she also desires a toy up her ass while fucking her… the first steps are made, to be continued …


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