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  1. Lovisa
    Lovisa says:

    I usually don’t watch porn but I’m really hooked to your stuff.
    Is it wierd that as a straight girl, I get turned on by miss masturbating her butthole??
    I’m def gonna watch this again tonight when in bed 😉

    Thanks for all the classy stuff Coiled Up.
    And I <3 you miss!


    • elros_faelvrin
      elros_faelvrin says:

      their stuff is great!

      if it helps for something, I joined inmediately after watching the first part of the Lelo Billy video 😛

      Straight dude here hehehe

    • ZoeKeetz92
      ZoeKeetz92 says:

      I don’t think you have to worry Lovisa.
      I’m a straight girl too but I would lick that butthole in a heartbeat ^^

      Thank you for this video Miss! You’re actually the reason I got into anal in the first place.
      I bought that diamond plug after seeing you using it in shoot four 🙂 I LOVE IT!
      I’ve started wearing it when I’m outside of the apartment too. Naughty, naughty me 😉

      What lube are you using for anal play?

  2. DeDeDee
    DeDeDee says:

    Perfectly executed! Love the music, the light, the sound, the sexy way Miss touches her sweet looking butthole… the orgasm contractions at the end. Omg.

  3. Jhonny Witch
    Jhonny Witch says:

    wow i have been away from this site for a bit and come back to find this amazing surprise ! excellent video, highly erotic. Ass play is such a turn on !

    • Impressed one
      Impressed one says:

      Wow, miss coiled up, that makes me ….
      One question, what are you doing with your ass to look that cute? Bleeching?
      Need to get rid of my clothes and doing it…..

  4. iamin10s
    iamin10s says:

    As I masturbated to this video, I tried to keep pace with Miss Coiled-Up. I made it to 8:43 before I exploded. Thank you for sharing your lovely ass with us.

  5. charly@vienna
    charly@vienna says:

    very beautiful capture of what really get’s me going,
    I’d give it a 9/10 rating, what’s keeping me from considering it a perfect 10/10
    is (don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed watching it)

    what imho most will agree:
    *) the ultra close up of the dildo entering your wonderful ass is showing some hair (picking them with tweezers could be a new sensation of it’s own >;-)

    Just my opinion:
    *) the music is making me feel uncomfortable, it sounds nightmarish partly,
    I’ve to turn down the video volume, but therefore I can’t hear your sexy moaning!
    I’d be happy if you’d give using something like following a try:
    Sonnentanz by Klangkarusell http://open.spotify.com/track/4DbmuOSxftTmltXNebpvl7
    or Samba Pa Ti by Santana http://open.spotify.com/track/4AvJQ8fuAWh0Kvo1LU2Ev1
    or really hard like becoming by pantera http://open.spotify.com/track/3iV11AiIEDIOVjKy3kgjld
    or bambi by prince http://open.spotify.com/track/3apSWeSMRsnzOAjGoVurPP

    *) A perfect 10 for the perverted horny devil I am, would require you sucking your finger
    out of your butt in the final scene of the movie to give me that sensation that makes me shoot a fat load of cum just in that moment you start sucking and licking that naughty finger of yours >;-b

    very horny greetings from Austria

  6. Ssss
    Ssss says:

    I am also a straight girl and I also get turned on… I know how good assturbation can be haha girls should all try it out XD
    Where did you get your transparent butt toy? The one you used at 4’30”. I really want to get one like it!!!!!!

  7. sunstripper
    sunstripper says:

    I an new to your site and I enjoy your refreshing receipe to all aspects of anal possiblities. I really enjoyed this video and assturbation. A new fan, to be sure!

  8. gem139078
    gem139078 says:

    I’ve also just discovered your site, I give it a resounding 10/10! FAN-Fucking-TASTIC Video, I liked the little hairs, it means your real! Not some perfectly groomed porn star, but you do a pretty good job of being smooth and sexy. Great Job Miss C!!

  9. rodinal
    rodinal says:

    i want ask something. i started explore this kind of pleasure, i had anal love with woman, but want feel it too. i cant decide to ask my beloved one to do it for me, i am too ashamed though i know she would do it for me. so i have to expirience this feelings on my own. can you give me some advices, ideas? tricks? oh god, why i cant meet woman obsessed with this hole like i am, wchich would demand to take care of her anus and who would love see how i get mad from her fingers in my ass. i could pay a pro, but i want satisfaction for both, not just paid service. help me to know all aspects of this joy please


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