Amateur couch throatfuck, the video.


You might have seen this gif before. It has been floating around on Tumblr for a while and everyone seems to post it.

While gifs are fun to look at, it gets kind of repetitive after a while doesn’t it?
So we hunted down the video for you and we got lots of other deepthroat videos with this girl coming up on future Throatfuck Thursdays.


It’s time to bring this back too…


Remember Throatfuck Thursday?

Yep, it’s back and it’s here to stay.
We’ve added it to the Themes menu (we also added Assturbation Week since it’s making a comeback pretty soon 🙂 ) Here´s this weeks throatfuck videos, enjoy!

Facefucking and throatfucking


Throatfuck Thursday


When God created the week he thought long and hard and decided that Friday should be the day of facial fun.

What most people don’t know is what he had in store for Thursday.
We had a talk with the guy and he said that we should give you…

Throatfuck Thursday

Hope you like it!

Throatfuck Thursday video page one

Throatfuck Thursday video page two


FF9 DeepThroat

Even though Miss Coiled Up is just as skilled as this girl when it comes to deep-throating, I’ve never been able to cum more than once….

This guy cums three times!?