Facial Friday

It’s… Facetime!

Videos shot with phones, bring it on!
Upload your stuff here!











UPDATE! Facetime is here! 

FACETIME! Facial Friday Phone Edition

We got a new mission for you! 

Since everyone has a smartphone with a decent camera these days, what we would like you to do is to capture a video with your phone and upload it to us. 

And it’s simple as hell, here’s the 5 steps: 

1. Pick up your phone
2. Start recording
3. Pull out your cock
4. Cum on your partners face
5. Upload the video here

We’re looking forward to your submissions!

Facial Friday!



Facial Friday



We just had the time to shoot ONE facial this friday… We apologize for the poor quality but it was a quickie in the bathroom, before diner…

Don’t worry, we’ll post a whole set of new material in a few days… No more kids at home for three weeks…

By the time, enjoy and take care 😉

Facial Friday!

It’s Friday and here’s an amateur video for you!

(Facial Friday is actually something we practice at home every Friday at Casa de la Coiled Up. It’s a great tradition, you should try it!)

FF Bonus vid!



Here’s another video for our signed in users. Enjoy!


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