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Everything on is now open for EVERYONE. No more signing up as a member to view special pages.

But there’s a lot of pages in our archive that still says you’ll have to sign up to view it, forget about that part, just click the link and it will take you to the page that used to be locked.

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UPDATE! Facetime is here! 

FACETIME! Facial Friday Phone Edition

We got a new mission for you! 

Since everyone has a smartphone with a decent camera these days, what we would like you to do is to capture a video with your phone and upload it to us. 

And it’s simple as hell, here’s the 5 steps: 

1. Pick up your phone
2. Start recording
3. Pull out your cock
4. Cum on your partners face
5. Upload the video here

We’re looking forward to your submissions!


Apply for Friends!


From time to time we accept Friend requests from talented photographers (or just people making damn fine porn).

As a Friend you get your own page and subdomain on where you can post your photos & videos or whatever you like.

Send us an email with a short description of yourself, along with some photos to:

Or use the request form on