Check your email Proxy supporters!


Since we got a lot of emails and messages about this, here’s another way to get the video:

1. Follow Proxy on Tumblr or Twitter,
2. Take screenshot of it on your Following page,
3. Send us the screenshot, email it to,
4. Wait for the password!


We just sent out this video to those of you who supported Proxy Paige’s Offbeatr project.

The page is password protected. Check your email for the pass!





Coiled Up <3 Proxy

We just finished shooting the video we promised to send out to all of you who supports Proxy Paige’s Offbeatr project, Proxy Infiltrates Europe.

It’s a close up video of me having a good time with a happy ending ;) for you Proxy supporters. And it’s shoot in full HD!
If you too want this video, read below how to get it!

In a couple of days we will have this video edited and ready, so keep checking your inboxes.


Miss Coiled Up


Some close up pussy pics


It’s been a while since we posted and we would just like to let you know that we have not forgotten about you.
We’ve been busy with other stuff lately and we’re lucky to have our interns, Scott Boner and Estrella & Crockett here to entertain you.

They’re doing a great job btw and we hope you give them lots of love. Leave a comment so they know they’re appreciated.

We’re still choosing and editing photos from our last photo shoot (and yes we know we take a lot of time, but we want it to be be perfect.)

In the meantime, here’s two close ups from our last shoot.

Lots of love to YOU, our visitors. We’re really fortunate to have this many visitors and we will be here forever providing quality erotica!