Changing the world, one naughty post at the time

New Tumblr!

For some reason, Tumblr decided to delete our page With no warning whatsoever.

Our new home at Tumblr is

New user gallery (and other stuff)

Hi guys!

We’ve completely changed our user gallery page.
It’s easier than ever to upload and also we support gif-animations from now on.
Here’s the new page with YOUR photos

We also updated Facetime, Everyday Anal and Masturbation Madness

It’s now possible to view the videos from a mobile browser.

New Friend: Datisyahu



We get thousands of dick pics.


We get them every day.

And if we’re lucky one out of thousand may have some quality to it.
Something that makes it stand out. Something more artlike than porny.

So guys & girls… say hello to our new friend Datisyahu.
An obvious talent with selfies and dick pics you just can’t ignore.

Welcome to the Coiled Up family Datisyahu!


Merry XXX-mas!

We would like to wish all our fans and followers a very Merry XXX-mas!

Here are two brand new photos for you!
(There’s a lot more from this shoot coming up in a couple of days)




And here’s a photo from our friends Estrella & Crokett:

No more members!

Everything on is now open for EVERYONE. No more signing up as a member to view special pages.

But there’s a lot of pages in our archive that still says you’ll have to sign up to view it, forget about that part, just click the link and it will take you to the page that used to be locked.

We would like to thank all 8.773 people who signed up so far. <3
We have deleted your profiles in order to shrink our database (it was getting too big and slowing the site down)

Theme videos

You’ve done a great job filling our new theme pages with your smut.
Here’s new ones from each theme, keep filling’em up! We love getting your videos <3

Everyday Anal


Masturbation Madness




Masturbation Madness & Everyday Anal 2.0!

One of our more popular pages, Masturbation Madness, got a complete makeover today.

Here’s whats new:

  • All videos are hosted on a super fast server, no more buffering!
  • Submitted videos & images are instantly added, no more waiting for us to review & publish.
  • A better overview of all submitted videos & photos.

We’ll add these functions to the rest of the site but we’re gonna beta test this on Masturbation Madness first.

So…what are you waiting for? Head over there and start uploading!


Everyday Anal just got updated with the same features!