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Pegging is a sexual practice in which a woman penetrates a man’s anus with a strap-on dildo.
(From Wikipedia)

If you’ve followed us and seen our photos you probably have seen some pegging already.
There’s photos in Shoot One and Shoot Two and then we have this Lelo Billy thing 

Well, we never tried this before we got into this whole thing with posting our own photos on the internet.
The first time we ever used a strap on dildo was in Shoot One, believe it or not.

But after that first time something happened… we felt quite comfortable with it and it’s always nice to broaden your sexual horizon. It’s not a thing that we do on a regular basis but it’s really fun to do it now and then.
When we started to browse the web for other pegging photos we found a lot of shitty pictures. A lot.
But then there was Strapon Dreamer… omg…

We’re really anal with the quality when it comes to our own stuff and we would like to believe we have pretty high standards when it comes to photography and film. After all, we do this for a living (not the internet porn, our work in real life 🙂 )

What Strapon Dreamer does is nothing but amazing. The picture quality and the colors of the movies are outstanding. The editing, the post production and filming with expensive cameras  makes it look like any blockbusting Hollywood movie out there. There’s not many “big” porn producers that’s even close to their quality. And all the girls looks like models.

When you log in to Strapon Dreamer theres: Photosets, HD Movies, Interviews, Drawings, Be a Director, Strapon Profiles and Strapon Stories.

The photos are high resolution images and there’s a lot of them. About 200 per shoot. Sometimes more and sometimes less (one shoot has 582 pics). There’s currently 16 363 photos in total. They have the option to let you download the whole set in a zip file which we think is a pretty nice feature. With every set there’s a link to quickly take you to the related movie.

Strapondreamer photo

Members area ‘Photos’

Photo examples from StraponDreamer

Strapon Dreamer GagaStrapondreamer - pegging metal dildoStrapondreamer - rimjob

Strapondreamer - blowjobStrapondreamer - anal sexStrapondreamer - anal sexStrapondreamer - pegging anal sexStrapondreamer - pegging anal sex


HD Movies

The movies… this is where Strapon Dreamer really shines.
We have watched some of the movies (not all, there’s about 50 of them and they are usually around 40 minutes long) and every movie we’ve watched so far is nothing but excellent.
Yesterday we watched a movie with a girl in a glasses fucking a guy on a kitchen counter. After that we got so horny that Miss Coiled Up went to our toy box and took out the Lelo Billy. We won’t bore you with the details but we had quite a fun time after that… 😉

Strapondreamer movies

Members area ‘HD Movies’

Here’s a movie trailer for one of their movies (we haven’t seen it yet but we’ll watch it some day for sure)


The movies are filmed in HD (720p) and are both for download and online streaming. The newer movies are in mp4 format and the older ones in wmv. The quality is outstanding to say the least. We have to congratulate them for making such a dirty/taboo subject so beautiful. It’s the same thing we aim for with our photography; making it look so good you don’t mind it being explicit. (Hell, I would even watch gay sex if it were as nice looking as Strapon Dreamers videos /Mr.Coiled Up)

One really interesting thing is that the sometimes let members of the site be in the movies. Like in this movie below, where the guy getting fucked by the Lady Gaga look-a-like is actually a member of the site who asked to be in a film.


This is a rather interesting part of the site, interviews with the girls in the movies/photos where they talk about pretty much everything. Their experience with pegging, their dirtiest sex memory etc.

Cartoonish strapon drawings. Could do without that really…

Be a Director
Now this is great, members can submit their strapon dreams/scripts and they actually make some of them come true in their movies. There’s 101 scripts to this date. We’re thinking of submitting one 🙂

Strapon Profiles
One of the best parts of being a member. There’s a whole community built up around this theme. Kinda like Facebook for pegging fans. With users photo albums, chats, likes, walls, friend requests and all that other stuff. If you join please friend us, our username is Coiledup (we post our photos there as well). The crowd is pretty mixed. There’s couples (like us), girls who would like to meet guys to peg and guys who post photos of themselves with dildos up their asses who would like these girls to fuck’em. 8250 members so far and it’s growing every day.

Strapon Stories
Members submitted stories. Haven’t read them yet …


If you’re into girl on guy strapon this is the site to join. Honestly, there’s nothing else even close to this on the internet (apart form maybe 😉 )

For pegging fans StraponDreamer is a 10 out of 10

If you haven’t seen it already, we have some galleries from StraponDreamer  in the Partner photo/video menu.

Strapon Dreamer