About Coiled Up

Coiled Up Photography is an ongoing project. We started posting photos of ourselves on Tumblr back in October 2011 and it grew really big. Almost too big… But now we’re going all in. Photos, videos, tweets, blogposts will be flying out of us. And if you like you can join the ride. Hop in! 2012 will be a great year for ‘explicitly soft porn’.


  1. Great art! I’d like to see internal anal pissing. I meam he pisses inside her rectum.

  2. I LOVE your content… so erotic and sooo horny!

    If you ever need any help with your website, please let me know!


  3. Just curious… you guys work on a Mac just like Camille Crimson? If yes, you think it make it any easier or better in photography and video shooting?

    • Don’t know who Camille Crimson is, but working on a mac makes the whole process run smoother. Not sure if it helps with the photography but it makes video editing/processing a whole lot easier.

  4. This site is amazing, and long overdue. The hardcore sites just aren’t doing it for me. I like sexy, and what I’ve seen so far here (I’ve been on about half and hour now :) )… is sexy. Besides the videos (I’m fond of the female masturbation) I love the music. It’s been a long time since I found a “new favorite” website. Thanks so much, and keep it up (pun unintentional?)

    • Thanks a lot oncor301!

      We WILL keep it up. Don’t worry. :)

  5. I am just still amazed at your site. I am absolutely blown away by missus. Her/your body is stunning. I realize this is a personal preference but I just love looking at it. Very similiar to my wife’s body which may be why I am so ‘connected’ to it. I am not into photography so I don’t grasp why your photos look so “real” but I fully appreciate them. Like the other commentor stated, the hardcore sites don’t capture what you two do. I think you understand what I am trying to say because all of your photos are what I would consider perfect. I can’t watch porn anymore without being bored and the wife feels the same way, it’s just plain stupid. Looking at your website/tumblr is extremely erotic. Natural? real? sensual? I just can’t find the right word … maybe honest is the best way to describe what I think you are going for. Anyhow, I could stare at you reading a phone book for hours.

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