Masturbation Madness / Throwback Thursday!

Here is a video from a couple months ago. Yay for throwback thursdays!


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    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      Im so hot and horny these last two days so seeeing you cum just gets me boiling again so I think ill cum all over myself or into a container then inject my sticky tastyness in my ass. I so want a big cock to fuck my face against a wall and cum in my cum hungry mouth.Never did that yett.

  1. Cockgoob
    Cockgoob says:

    Know what I would like to see/jack off to? ……a smoking hot babe with her tits bouncing while she’s using her hands to force someone’s head to suck off a cock and the cum just flies everywhere..any women up to the job?

  2. Ayushi
    Ayushi says:

    wow- that would be amazing! we went to a bunch of gelalries while we were there, too. they were all so inspiring.portland is wonderful. if only i had the bits and pieces to my camera then i could show you just how much!


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