Sex Toy Review – Spread The Love Bar

Sex & Mischief Spread the love spreader bar, Uberkinky


The nice people at Überkinky  (thanks Vikki!) sent us a ‘Sex & Mischief Spread the Love Bar’  to review.

We’ve used it a couple of times and it’s also featured in our next photo shoot (Shoot Eleven)

By the way, Sex & Mischief is a range of toys by Sportsheets aimed at those who are new to bondage,
or into light BDSM.
You can find lots of other Sex & Mischief toys here

The Spread the Love Bar look nothing like the ordinary shiny metal & leather spreader bars you often find at sex toy stores. It’s light, comfortable and it’s an easy way to secure your partner’s arms and legs together. The bar is about 15” long and covered in black nylon and there are four cuffs attached to the bar. The cuffs are made of nylon with a really soft velvet interior. The metal bar in the middle is wide enough to give a good leg spread, and the ankle and wrist cuffs will keep your partner in a helpless state.


Review of sex toy, Uberkinky Spread the love spreader bar


The cuffs are comfortable and soft and you can loosen them up or tighten them as hard as you like. Since the cuffs are closed by velcro, they’re adjustable and either wrists or ankles will fit into any of the four cuffs.

There are many ways you could use the spreader bar if you just have some imagination, but we found it best if you put your wrists in the two middle cuffs and the ankles in the end cuffs.

Like this:


Review of fetish spreader bar sex toy from Uberkinky


But you can use it in many other ways if you want to.

With your bedpost maybe?  Two cuffs strapped to the bedpost and two cuffs to secure the wrists?

The bar is a piece of cake to put on but not as easy to get out of (but that’s the whole point right?) and it should be perfect for the beginning couple into light bondage. And it’s inexpensive too. We got it for free but we’ve been looking at spreader bars for some time and we probably would have went fore something like this anyway. It’s black, lightweight, easy to store end looks good in photos.


Sex & Mischief spreader bar, review by Coiled Up. Uberkinky


It’s one-size-fits-all and should fit most body types. You would have to be really large not to get those cuffs around your ankles/wrists.

Conclusion: If you’re tired of your standard handcuffs and looking for something more advanced and more restraining, the Spread The Love Bar is a perfect toy.

We’re really pleased with it and we’ll probably use it a lot in the future.

Thanks Überkinky for sending us this!


Sex & Mischief spreader bar, review of fetish toys from Uberkinky


By the way, take a look at if your into fetish/bondage.

They got a lot of fetish stuff. Even Penis Plugs…(?!)

And if your looking for other types of spreader bars, look no further


Uberkinky, fetish and BDSM sex toys


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