Review: Fashionistas Bunny Tail butt plug

Fashionistas Bunny Tail butt plug

Miss Coiled Up Goes Bunny.

We’ve had very little time and lots of work recently, so when we got our package from Shevibe we didn’t know how and when we would have the time to try out all of the new things.
But then Easter holiday came and Mr. decided that he wanted to have a bunny of his own this year.

When you think of it,  how amazing wouldn’t it be if you could have a tail of your own? … but since I don’t have one naturally I was delighted when I got this artificial one last month.

The Fashionistas Bunny Tail butt plug is an absolutely stunning toy!
This tail is a must have whether you want to be an Easter bunny or a Playboy one.
The Fashionista butt plug is made of black glass and decorated with a beautiful floral print and on the end there’s a small fluffy ball made of soft white feathers.

If there’s a special beginners tail I think this must be the one. The tail is small, round and soft and is easy to wear and the plug comes in different sizes, where small is a perfect beginner’s size if you’re not used to large butt plugs.

The plug that we chose was the smaller one (they come in two sizes, small and large).
I myself do not like the really big plugs, especially when they are made of hard materials such as glass or metal, but instead I like them small but oh so delicious, (even though I occasionally enjoy having big things up my ass.)
The small Fashionista bunny butt plug was the perfect size for me, it was great in both length and thickness. Sometimes the small ones are too thin and tend to fall out, but this one didn’t.

We already own a tail butt plug since before, a pony tail version in plastic, that can double as a whip if you get in the mood for spanking. If you want to you can use the bunny tail’s feathers as a tickler for foreplay, and later when the heat is on, insert it as a butt plug.

The only con with this plug is that the tail part is difficult to clean, but then again it’s separated about one inch from the plug itself and is not as likely to get messy from the lube.

It’s beautiful, looks great in photos and comfortable to wear… I give this plug two thumbs up!


The photos above are from our Easter photo shoot

A big thank you to our friends at Shevibe. <3


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