Requested photo

Someone requested rimjob. Now, we couldn’t deny you that could we?

This picture was taken yesterday when Miss were chatting with one of our members.


New toy: The LELO Billy

So we finally got to try out our new toy yesterday, LELO Billy. For those who don’t know it’s a vibrator for men. (That’s right, a vibrator FOR MEN.)

We got it a couple of days before Christmas from the nice people at Shevibe but with all the stuff  that’s happening around the holidays we haven’t had the time to play with it.

Yesterday, after wrapping up a chat with some of you readers we decided it was time to finaly try it for the first time.



First of all, it’s a really well designed toy. It almost looks like an Apple product (wouldn’t it be great btw if Apple got into the sex toy business? 🙂 ) It comes in a exclusive box and has a charger included. I hate it when you run out of batteries and it’s great to be able to just recharge it.

Billy is supposed to stimulate your prostate (or P-spot as it’s usually called). I don’t have much experience in that area.

The only time I ever was near it before was when we did the pegging photo shoot.


So… yesterday we tried it. Miss Coiled Up lubed it up and put it in there. As always, it feels a little bit strange to have thing up your ass but after a while you get used to it. It’s made of silicone and is very smooth (and easy to clean). Billy has 5 different type of vibration patterns, one continuous and 4 pulsating patterns. We tried them all but I found one pulsation pattern that became my favorite. Also, you can press the + and – buttons to control the strength of the vibrations. She cranked it up to the highest and tilted Billy downwards and that’s when I felt it, the famous P-spot. It’s a strange sensation, but it sure feels good! I laid on my back with my eyes closed and tried to think of how to describe the feeling when I would write about this today. But I can’t. I doesn’t feel like anything else. You have to try it yourself. And by the poll we had the other day it seemed like many guys are interested in trying anal/P-spot stimulation. Just go for it if you’re curious! You’re no less of a man for enjoying it.

Anyway, Miss Coiled Up decided that it was time for the old “in and out” and that’s when we started filming.
You can see it here.
After a while she started jerking me off but the batteries in the camera died before the cumshot 🙁
But we picked up another camera and started filming again and if you’re a registered member you can see it here.

Sceenshot from video from part 2








We also took a couple of snapshots and here they are:





So what’s the verdict? I loved it and I really recommend it for anyone interested in trying prostate stimulation.

I’m a beginner at this myself and I liked it so much we’re doing it again tonight.
The odd thing is, I cum twice when stimulating the P-spot. The first time it just squirts out maybe 5 seconds before orgasm and I wasn’t ready for it at all. You can see what I mean in the second movie. The same thing happened when we tried pegging for the first time. If someone can explain this I would be glad to hear it.



Shevibe – Pleasure Boutique

And again, thanks to Shevibe for sending this to us. If you’re wondering about our relationship with them, here’s the deal: They like our photos, we love their site. We need good looking toys in our photos and Shevibe got’em. We don’t get money or anything for writing about them. No paid links or such. We pick the toys we would like to try and they send it to us for free. And if they didn’t we would still buy it from them. <3

Give them a try the next time you order a sex toy. They have lots of nice and great looking toys for men too.

I’m happy to answer any questions about the Billy, just leave a comment below.

Back to business!

The last couple of days we put a lot of time and energy to get this site up and running. Now we feel like we’re pretty much done with the basic features. We’ve added the user gallery, the chat, the video player, the registration

Now it’s time to concentrate on what we’re here for, the photos and the videos. We’ve decided to try to shoot something later today. We’ll try something different this time. It if it turns out good we’ll post it and if not… we’ll try again some other day. 🙂

But back to the new site… is there anything you would like us to add?

And oh, the domain (without the “-“) used to belong to this snakeguy and it was all about those crawling creatures. It’s not anymore…

Love! CU

P.S. And if you wonder what the point is of registering we can tell you that there will be a bonus gallery with photos only available to members. Becoming a Coiled Up member is completely free and as anonymous as you like.


New toy + poll about anal

We’re going to try our new toy today! The LELO Billy, a prostate massage vibrator for men. We thought it would be interesting with a poll among you readers what your opinion is on anal stimuation.

We think you already know by now what our answer would be 😉

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Sign up as a Coiled Up member!

Now you can register at Coiled Up to have your own profile when writing comments and talking in our chat room

There will be of course be more benefits added as time goes by. Maybe exclusive content, contests… who knows?
And oh… it’s completely free!

(We’ve added a login to the menu.)

Your Photos!

We love to see the all pictures you send to us on Tumblr!
Here’s an even better way to show us, and all our readers, your photos.

We have a brand new picture gallery where you can upload your directly and they get published immediately.

From time to time we will grab the best photos, edit them, and post them on our Tumblr.

Head over there and start posting!



We’re gettin a lot of requests and suggestions for photos on our Tumblr. Please leave a comment here if you would would like to see something special and we will have that in mind for the next photo shoots.


This is what we have so far:

  • nipple clips.
  • clit clips.
  • squeeze his balls.
  • rim job on guy.
  • rim job on girl.
  • anal gaping.
  • anal beads / anal beads video.
  • pegging while cumshot.
  • creampie.
  • anal creampie.
  • latex underwear (clear) with creampie.
  • wearing black stockings while peeing.

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New video player!

Some of you had problems playing our video 🙁

We have now updated our videoplayer and now it works in every browser in every OS (well, at least OS X, Windows and Linux)

So if you’re one of those unfortunate who couldn’t view it before, head over to our video section and try again.

…and we also added a HD version of the video. Press the HD-button in the player and enjoy it in 720p.

We found an old photo…

Alright, Christmas is over and we hope you had a good one. Here’s a previously unposted picture we found when we were browsing through our photo folder. We have lots and lots of unused photos. Every shoot we take about 500 photos and we use maybe 5% of them… 🙂